• Fly you AND your traveling companions almost entirely free up to SIX times a year
  • Save more than $8,000 on flights EVERY YEAR
  • Have confidence you have a system in place to check in on Southwest AND get the best possible seat on the plane
  • Ensure ONE person can ALWAYS fly free with you!
  • Cancel your flight and re-book it at a cheaper price
  • Easily collect hundreds of thousands of Southwest frequent flyer miles to book free flights
  • 10X your travel so you can see MORE places on your bucket list and visit friends & family more often 

My family does it by maximizing Southwest Airlines and I've developed a course to show you EXACTLY how...

"Learning how to smartly fly Southwest has been life-changing for my family."

Five years ago, my family took 1 or 2 trips by car each year MAX... 

Then I was introduced to the idea that you can earn miles and points without EVER flying on a plane... What?!

Pretty quickly, I figured out Southwest had the simplest system to use points to fly free.  

Fast forward five years ... My family of 4 flies affordably on Southwest, almost entirely FREE using Southwest points, more than 6 times every year!

And because we fly Southwest so much, I know all the in's and out's of this one-of-a-kind airline. 

Yes, I've been exasperated that I forgot to check in on Southwest, frustrated that I was forced to the very back of the plane and confused about things like how to re-book a flight if the priced dropped, using Southwest "credits" and so much more!

The good news? I figured it out so you don't have to!

We've seen the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City, hung out with stingrays in the Cayman Islands, seen Pearl Jam in concert in Telluride and hiked Zion National Park in Utah for starters...

I'm going to show you the system MY FAMILY has developed to make the most of Southwest, spill all the tricks of the trade and bust out all my secrets, so you can save thousands traveling, too. 

Get ready!


"Thanks to Go to Travel Gal, our family of 4 has made multiple trips over the past couple of years for nearly nothing on Southwest. With Lyn’s amazing help and tips, we have made trips for free that we would have paid for and taken some we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go on. Our adventures have included Phoenix (twice!), LA, Austin, Denver and Turks and Caicos." 

-- Lynsie C.

  • Southwest School & Secrets is an online program I designed to show families how to fly free on Southwest, using the same system my family has developed, so they can travel more.  
  • The course is designed to maximize your money, time and experience when flying Southwest from start to finish, showing you how to do everything from collecting Southwest points for free flights to easily booking and changing flights to checking in and navigating their confusing seating process to get the best possible seat on the plane.


  • How to save more than $8,000 flying 4 people over 1 year
  • A plan to get your family to your next Southwest destination entirely on points
  • How to get LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE on every single flight!
  • How to score the best possible seat on the plane
  • A stress-free system for checking in on Southwest
  • INSIDER *SECRETS* from my family and the thousands of readers of GotoTravelGal.com
  • Specific step-by-step roadmaps to help you quickly earn a Companion Pass, so 1 person can always fly free with you
  • How to fly ENTIRELY on miles and points on Southwest, as my family does! (Ideal for those with little to NO travel budget)
  • Strategies for flying to MORE destinations for LESS money
  • Tips for flying with kids, as well as pets
  • The most-common mistakes to avoid when it comes to booking and flying on Southwest
  • A forum to ask me ANY question you have about Southwest at ANY time and get a personalized answer
  • So much more!

Southwest School & Secrets is ONLY open for enrollment until Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at MIDNIGHT ET!  

School closes in...


Once you're enrolled, Southwest School & Secrets content, including videos, screencasts, PDFs and text, is available IMMEDIATELY!  


"I never imagined that I would ever have a Southwest Companion Pass! But thanks to your guidance, we now have a pass, plus all the bonus points. We've been able to fly our family to 4 destinations so far and we still have rewards points left. Thank you thank you thank you!" 

-- Jen W.

"I contacted Go to Travel Gal to get advice on Southwest's reward points program. Not only did Lyn help me, but she was great at encouraging me, too. This 'gal' knows her travel!" 

-- Steve S.

Here's Exactly What's Inside Southwest School & Secrets

  • MODULE 1: Master the Basics

Start your personal Destination Plan to plan a trip on Southwest entirely on points. Learn the basics of how Southwest operates, including their destinations, no cancellation fee policy and elite status options

  • MODULE 2: Rapid Rewards Frequent Flyer Points 101

Learn how Southwest’s loyalty program works, including creative ways to earn points without ever setting foot on a plane, how to redeem points for free flights and a look at the Southwest credit card options (NOT required, but an easy way to earn lots of points fast). Plan how you will earn the points you need for your trip in your Destination Plan. 

  • MODULE 3: Book Flights Like a Pro

Get schooled in EXACTLY how to book a flight on Southwest AND for the lowest possible cost with video tutorials, as well as learn how to check for lower fares, change or cancel flights and understand the confusing Unused Travel Funds credit. I share my 6-step system for saving on Southwest flights EVERY TIME.

  • MODULE 4: Upgrade Your On-Board Experience

Understand and maximize your in-flight experience from checking in and getting the best possible seat (including options like Early Bird and Upgraded Boarding) to accessing WiFi, free movies, flying with pets, special needs (such as wheelchairs) and *secret* ways to score free drink coupons to enjoy on board. Plus, learn the *secret* way to automatically check in! 

  • MODULE 5: The Best Deal in Travel: The Southwest Companion Pass BONUS COURSE - A $97 VALUE!!

Understand the Southwest Companion Pass, which lets 1 person fly free with you for the life of the pass, and your options to quickly and easily earn it with or without applying for credit cards. "Southwest Companion Pass for Beginners" is my most popular course! This program walks you clearly, step by step and in the exact right order, through how to earn the most valuable deal in travel. You'll understand all of the key details to ensure you don’t make the same easy-to-avoid mistakes I see people make over and over, causing them to narrowly miss out on getting their Companion Pass! 

Your Instructor, Lyn Mettler As Featured On... 

Lyn Mettler, aka Go to Travel Gal, is a travel writer and blogger who discovered how to use simple techniques, including the use of miles and points, to significantly reduce the cost of travel, so she and her family of 4 could go on adventures around the world. A longtime couponer, she put the same strategies to work for travel, no longer netting free boxes of cereal but free trips!  

Her family has flown almost entirely free since fall 2015 and visited 6 US destinations within a year for less than $100 per flight. She is passionate about showing as many people as possible how to do the same, so they can increase their ability to travel and live a more fulfilling life.  

She writes about travel for FoxNews.com, US News & World Report, The TODAY Show and American Legion and has been featured in Forbes, Travel + Leisure, Entreprenuer, the Wall Street Journal, Million Mile Secrets and SmartMoney.



If you do nothing else besides earn a Southwest Companion Pass as part of Southwest School, the 110,000 points you'll earn + the pass are valued at:

  • $3,300 (1.5 cents per point, the value of a Southwest point, X 110,000 points X 2 people)

If your family flies 6 or more places a year on points, as my family does, a family of 4 can save:

  • $8,800 ($350, the cost of an average round-trip flight in the US, X 6 trips X 4 people)


Not a fit? You're covered by my 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

PLUS, You Get These HOT Bonuses! 


Tracking sheets to help you stay organized with your Southwest travels

  • Flights Tracker
  • Loyalty Programs Tracker
  • Credit Card Tracking Sheet
  • Rapid Rewards Shopping Tracker
  • Minimum Spend Tracker
  • Unused Travel Funds Tracker


To make sure you never skip a key step when checking in on Southwest, which determines your boarding order, and, thus, your seat!


As a Southwest flyer, discover which cards to get in what order


When does Southwest School & Secrets begin? 

School is "open" as soon as you enroll! Dive into ALL then and start saving!

Do I need to be tech savvy to navigate the course?

Nope! As long as you can click play on a video or download a PDF, you should be golden :).

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you are unhappy with the course, just let me know within 30 days of purchase, and you'll receive a full refund. A totally no-risk way to try Southwest School & Secrets!

Do I have a time limit to complete the course?

Nope! Go at your own pace. There's no deadline and no hurry.

Do I have to sign up for credit cards to be successful with your system for flying free?

Absolutely not, but responsibly applying for credit hards help you earn points more quickly and easily. There are LOTS of ways to earn points, but it may take you longer accumulate what you need for free travels without credit cards.

Should enroll if I'm a longtime Southwest flyer?

Southwest School & Secrets is designed for those who are new to flying free using miles and points, who infrequently fly Southwest or who fly Southwest, but want to learn more about how to fly free and make the most of their travels on the airline. It is not designed for advanced miles and points collectors or travel hackers.

School closes in...