Say Goodbye to Credit Card Confusion & and Hello to a BETTER Way to Travel Free

Have you been in the "miles and points" game for a while and unsure about the next best step you should take?

Did you know there's a simpler, more efficient way to earn MORE points (=MORE trips!) with LESS work, confusion and overwhelm?

Would you love to run things by an expert before you make a costly mistake?

Want to know exactly WHAT cards to use for purchases each month, WHICH cards to open WHEN and which to CLOSE?

Not sure how to keeping earning the Southwest Companion Pass?

Want to take your extended family on a trip but can't wrap your head around how you'd earn that many points?!

You're in the right place, my friend, because I have a SIMPLE SOLUTION for you.

I'm about to show you how to make free travel a LIFESTYLE you can put on autopilot with my simple step-by-step process to both fly free to all your favorite destinations like Hawaii, Disney and Europe AND stay free.


Hi, I'm Lyn Mettler, aka Go to Travel Gal

I got in the miles and points game back in 2015 once I realized I could put my couponing skills to better use and trade boxes of toothpaste for free trips all around the world.

But pretty quickly I got lost in the crazy amounts of information online, unsure which cards to open when, which airline to fly or which hotel chain to choose for my next trip.

I needed someone to tell me EXACTLY what to do to make this work for my family of 4 and then how to KEEP it working beyond just a handful of trips.

No one told me... so I got busy figuring it out for myself!

I spent a year pouring through all the information, delving into the different miles and points programs, learning about travel credit cards and all things we should and SHOULDN'T do. I made plenty of mistakes along the way!

By the end of a year, I'd created a very simple process that my family could put on autopilot to enable us to meet our travel goals to:

  • Fly to at least 6 destinations every year free
  • Fly to Disney free once a year
  • Fly to Europe free once a year
  • Fly to the Caribbean free once a year
  • Take our dream trip to Hawaii
  • Stay free in hotels multiple times a year

We've been using my amazing process ever since and I can show your family how to do it too and save you many of the mistakes I made!

Say goodbye to hours reading blogs, complicated award redemptions and credit card confusion.

I'm about to make it all clear as day for you, in a way that takes less than an hour per week, and puts your family on a path to free travel FOREVER!

You're welcome 😉.

Here's What You Get When You Join

  • A step-by-step roadmap specific to your family to start your journey of traveling free
  • A way to ALWAYS keep your points balances full with minimal time and effort (less than 1 hour a week)
  • My simple, specific method to fly your family free anywhere in the US (including Disney and Hawaii!), the Caribbean and Europe
  • My simple, specific method to stay free in hotels
  • A list of which cards to apply for when
  • A monthly guide of which cards to use for your expenditures
  • Ideas for WHERE to travel with your family now or in the future


As soon as you join, you have access to these BONUS courses and videos...

  • How to Fly Free & Stay Free at Disney
  • How to Fly Free to & Stay Free in Hawaii
  • How to Book Free Hotel Stays
  • How to Fly a Family to Europe on Miles
  • Earning Your Southwest Companion Pass in 2021 (for the 1st time or AGAIN!)
  • Staying Organized With Travel Credit Cards
  • Inside tips from experts on topics like National Parks, Disney and road trips

All the Details About What You Get...

✅ My
How to Travel Free Process for Families

A short, 6-video online course that shows you my EXACT proprietary process for families to travel free. It's so simple, you won't believe it!

✅ 1-on-1 Video Consults

Once you join, we'll hop on a video chat, so you can tell me what you've been doing with miles and points and/or travel credit cards, and I can then craft a better, more efficient plan for you.

These consults are always mind-blowing for members, who don't realize how much they're missing! They're amazed at how quickly I can tweak and simplify their process AND get them MORE trips. Plus, they're relieved to know someone has reviewed their plan and they aren't making any major mistakes.

But it doesn't end there!

You'll also have access to quarterly video consults with me. It's like having me in your back pocket whenever you have a question about free travel! 😊

✅ Personalized Travel Free Plan for YOUR Family

I'll craft a plan specific to your family and send it to you as a PDF with step-by-step instructions that you can take IMMEDIATELY to put your travel-free lifestyle on autopilot, ensuring you ALWAYS have points to get where you want to go.

✅ Weekly Live Webinars

You also have the opportunity to attend weekly LIVE webinars on 12 months of themed topics, which range from Hawaii and Disney to travel credit cards and getting a business card to the Southwest Companion Pass and even cruising.

Every month, be sure to pop on my live Ask Me Anything Q&A video call to post any travel questions that arise in the chat and I'll answer them live!

✅ Ongoing, Updated Information You Need to KEEP Flying Free

To continue to fly free, you'll need some KEY information that changes month to month to both stretch your miles and points AND keep your points balances full. As a member, you'll have access to...

  • Real-time text alerts with only the news you NEED to know, including Southwest deals, hot credit card offers, low fares and all my best travel hacks
  • Step-by-step digital courses to get you to popular destinations like Hawaii, Disney, Europe, the Caribbean and more
  • Extensive video library and members-only podcast to delve deeper into travel-saving topics
  • Detailed destination itineraries and packing lists
  • A mobile app to easily access all information on the go

I believe in my program SO much that I GUARANTEE you'll earn AT LEAST the cost of membership in free travel with my help -- above and beyond what you would have earned on your own -- or your I'll hand you $1,000!



"Lyn is FOR REAL! Her expertise is unmatched in this space. She is kind and compassionate with her responses to even my basic questions. You want to travel for free? She is the GO TO GAL!" 

- Gus R.

"Because of the information I have received from Lyn, I am now able to travel many times a year to visit family and go on exciting vacations to places like Hawaii and Puerto Vallarta. Because of her generous heart and enthusiasm to help others achieve their dreams of traveling for nearly free, I am living my best life."
- Lynda M.

"Thanks to Lyn, our family of 4 has made multiple trips over the past couple of years for nearly nothing. With her amazing help and tips, we've taken trips for free that we would have paid for and taken some we wouldn’t have been able to go on." 

- Lynsie C.

"Lyn's advice is excellent and I feel like I have a best girlfriend in the travel industry."

- Kathy S.

"In the last 2 years, we've spent almost nothing out of pocket to fly and we take 8-10 vacations per year! Lyn's advice has allowed us to go places and do things we never thought possible! She is an amazing woman, and once you start using her as a resource, you will wonder how you ever managed your travel without her!"

- George T.


How long do I have access to the program?

You are purchasing a year-long membership to FAMILIES FLY FREE, granting you a full 12 months of access.

How much time should I expect your process to take?

Once you learn my process, you'll be able to keep your points balances full and your family traveling free in less than an hour each week.

Do I need to be tech savvy to take full advantage of FAMILIES FLY FREE?

Nope! As long as you can click play on a video or download a PDF, you're good to go 😃. We've intentionally designed the program to be EXTREMELY user friendly and easy to find what you need all in ONE place. No searching Google for hours and stressing that you missed some important bit of information!

What if I don't travel frequently or am not traveling much right now?

If you're not traveling right now, this is the BEST time to get all your "ducks in a row" and a plan in place for where you want to travel with your family and HOW you will fly there FREE. You can also be earning tons of miles and points from home right now (you don't have to fly to earn frequent flyer miles!) for future free flights and stays, whether they will be next month or next year.

Does your program only teach how to earn the Southwest Companion Pass?

No. Although I do recommend earning this amazing pass and I will help you do it not just once but again and again (very simply!), it is only ONE step in my simple process to travel free.


Still have questions? Book a 1-on-1 session with Lyn to learn how membership could help you specifically HERE!

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