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Go to Travel Gal ALL ACCESS is a premium membership for both new AND seasoned travelers who want to save as much as possible on travel for their family either by using miles and points or saving on out-of-pocket costs.

Through real-time alerts to your phone and email about Southwest deals, digital courses on how to fly free across the U.S., Caribbean and Europe, an exclusive podcast, LIVE webinars and workshops, and tools to make saving on travel easier, ALL ACCESS is your ONE-STOP-SHOP for information to help you travel MORE by spending LESS.

As a bonus, each month you'll also get inspiration for where to travel next with destination recommendations, detailed itineraries and even packing lists to make travel as simple as it should be.

Click HERE to see a video walk-through of the Go to Travel Gal ALL ACCESS platform.

ALL ACCESS is closed for enrollment, but opens again on July 27 for August in...

"Thanks to Go to Travel Gal, our family of 4 has made multiple trips over the past couple of years for nearly nothing on Southwest. With Lyn’s amazing help and tips, we've taken trips for free that we would have paid for and taken some we wouldn’t have been able to go on. Our adventures have included Phoenix (twice!), LA, Austin, Denver and Turks & Caicos." ðŸ™Œ

- Lynsie C.

Your Host, Lyn Mettler, aka Go to Travel Gal

Since 2015, my family has studied how to fly free using frequent flyer miles that we earn without flying! The lessons we've learned have allowed us to see destinations all around the U.S. and the Caribbean, flying a family of four 6 or more times each year for next to nothing.

The KEY to our method is flying Southwest and earning their amazing Southwest Companion Pass.

I've put together this program to put everything you need to save on travel at your fingertips and provide you with real-time alerts on key ways to save, especially on Southwest, as well as LIVE Q&As, workshops and webinars along with podcasts and videos and personal access to me, so you can dive deeply into the hobby of traveling free!

My mission is to show as many people as possible how to travel for less, so they, too, can enjoy the incredible gift of travel.

Doors Open for August
on July 27!

Here's What You Get EXCLUSIVELY When You Join ALL ACCESS...

Go to Travel Gal ALL ACCESS provides 4 core benefits to members to help them save...

✅ Real-Time Alerts

Real-time alerts sent to your phone and email about timely news, including:

  • Southwest flight releases
  • Southwest sales
  • Cheap Southwest fares
  • Important Southwest news like changes, cancellations, COVID-19-related news, hot points-earning opportunities, promotions and more!

✅ Direct Access and Support

  • Regular LIVE Q&A video events where you can ask Lyn anything about travel (NEW BONUS FEATURE!)
  • Our Ask-a-Travel-Question online feature where you can submit a question anytime & get a quick answer
  • Tons of new content every month from Lyn through podcasts and videos with her thoughts and hacks on travel, as well as her favorite destinations

✅ EXCLUSIVE Content in Video/Audio Formats

  • All Go to Travel Gal digital courses (valued between $97-$197/each)
  • All Go to Travel Gal ebooks (~$20 value each)
  • Themed content every month: July's theme is Travel Credit Cards (see what's coming in July)
  • LIVE video workshops and webinars on travel savings topics like travel credit cards, the Southwest Companion Pass, saving on airfares, using points to book hotels, etc.
  • LIVE Q&As with experts on travel topics like National Parks, Disney, choosing your next destinations, packing, vacation rentals and more
  • A podcast available EXCLUSIVELY to members with audio versions of all videos, as well as audio tours of my favorite destinations, entertaining travel content and my thoughts on the latest travel topics
  • Analysis of Southwest sales and curated lists of the cheapest fares, as well as the best ways to earn Southwest points EVERY WEEK

✅ Private Community

  • Ask questions and get answers from other travel lovers
  • Share great deals you find online and answer others' questions
  • View the most important travel headlines curated by the Go to Travel Gal team
  • Direct messaging between community members


When can I join Go to Travel Gal ALL ACCESS? 

The program is currently closed for enrollment for July content, but will open again for on July 27 for August content. Join the waitlist to be notified as soon as doors are open!

Do I need to be tech savvy to navigate ALL ACCESS?

Nope! As long as you can click play on a video or download a PDF, you're good to go 😃. We've intentionally designed the program to be EXTREMELY user friendly and easy to find what you need.

What if I'm unhappy with the program?

No problem. Simply cancel inside the program and you will no longer be charged and will lose access on your next billing date. Keep in mind, however, that if you cancel and want to re-join, you will be required to pay a ONE-TIME set-up fee of one month of the cost of the course in addition to the current monthly fee. There is NO set-up fee the first time you join.

Is ALL ACCESS only for those who are beginners at using miles and points to fly free?

Not at all, though there is plenty of content inside designed to help those who are new to using loyalty miles and points for free travel.

Advanced "travel hackers" will find plenty of valuable information, including the real-time alerts to help you save as much as possible on Southwest, as well as inspiration for where to travel next, helpful travel tools, discussions on hot travel topics like COVID-19, entertaining travel savings podcasts and videos, live webinars and so much more...

What if I don't travel frequently or am not traveling much right now?

Do you love to travel? Then you'll love ALL ACCESS! It's full of informative and entertaining information about travel to help you plan for next month or next year and to keep you dreaming of all the places you want to go ❤️ now or later.

What will be new each month inside ALL ACCESS?

There will be TONS of new travel content inside ALL ACCESS every month themed around a different travel topic.

We'll host live webinars that will also be recorded and shared, including regular live video Q&As to ask Lyn all your questions, Go to Travel Gal team roundtables, travel expert interviews for seasoned travelers, Getting Started webinars for newbies to miles and points and workshops and webinars where we'll take questions about the Southwest Companion Pass, among other topics!

Each month, we'll also share our favorite destinations for inspiration, add new destination itineraries, roll out new online courses, add travel tools like packing lists and ebooks, share Lyn's personal travel musings, add EXCLUSIVE new podcasts and much more. Plus, you can always access our private community to engage your fellow travel lovers!

[Click HERE to see a list of the EXACT content inside ALL ACCESS right now]

August content will be available August 1.

What is August's theme?

August's theme has not yet been announced.

When will your digital courses be available?

The Southwest Companion Pass for Beginners digital course, as well as the Frugal Flyer digital course, which explains how to fly free on all 4 major US airlines, are available in full RIGHT NOW.

Beginning August 5, we'll open the Southwest School & Secrets digital course, which shows you how to maximize flying on Southwest from booking to check-in to in flight. Then, we'll be adding NEW courses on topics like: Flying to Europe on Miles, How to Fly Free (Lyn's method), Packing 101, Flying to Hawaii, Flying to the Caribbean and more.

How do I pay for ALL ACCESS?

ALL ACCESS is billed as a recurring monthly or annual payment (save $29 with annual). You can choose your preferred option below. If the program isn't for you, cancel on your own anytime, so there's no risk.

How will I access the EXCLUSIVE podcast?

Once you join, you'll receive an email adding you to the members-only podcast. Simply open the email on your mobile device and select your favorite podcast app. You'll then be subscribed and all current content will download. If you cancel, you'll lose access.

What has moved from to ALL ACCESS?

To make it simple and easy to find, we've moved all real-time notifications, including ALL Southwest flight release notifications, live Southwest sale notifications and curated fares list, as well as our weekly list of the best Rapid Rewards Shopping deals to earn MORE points for free flights on the cheap and other Southwest points opportunities inside of ALL ACCESS.

How do I get real-time alerts on my phone?

When you join the program, under Settings you can turn real-time alerts on or off. How cool that you can now get a real-time alert on your phone whenever with new Southwest sales, flight releases, promotions or other important travel news! This AWESOME feature is only for subscribers.

"I never imagined that I would ever have a Southwest Companion Pass! But thanks to Lyn's guidance, we now have a pass, plus all the bonus points. We've been able to fly our family to 4 destinations so far and we still have rewards points left. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ðŸ™ðŸ»

- Jen W.

- Rebecca D.


$19 per month!

Less than the cost of a lunch out, a hardback book or a bottle of wine! Charge recurs unless you cancel.


$199 for 12 months
(Save $29!)

Charge recurs unless you cancel.